Farewell, Friends

As I wrap up the last few days with Prairie Rose School Division, I would like to wish everyone associated with the PRSD community the very best going forward into the future.  It has been and honour and privilege to serve with you in the various roles over many years.  I am confident of your continued successes in so many ways.

There are so many to thank.  I’d like to start with our current trustees and those who have served the board this term.  I have appreciated your support.  I also want to thank past boards whom I have worked with since my arrival at division office in 2001.

To all the people who have served with me on the various executive and leadership teams, past and present; your commitment to ‘team’ has been very strong.  I have appreciated getting to know the staff at division office.  Your work behind the scenes is often invisible and yet invaluable.

To our school leaders, thank you for your service.  You have one of the most challenging positions, ever, right up there with shark photographer.  I admire your dedication.  I hope that our teachers will think of me as a teacher first, as that’s how I see myself.

Finally, to all the staff, parents and community members, thank you for your continued support of Prairie Rose School Division.  While we sometimes make mistakes, we do work hard to keep the interest of students central to our decision-making.  We do sometimes get it wrong and then try to fail forward.  We do want to say “yes” when sometimes we have to say “no.”

Farewell, friends!  Cheers!  Be Prairie Rose Proud!

How’s your psycap today?  How will your psycap be tomorrow?  It’s a choice.



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